21 September 2009

oh, and


"So I went out on a limb
Thinking maybe we could swim
Into the river of light
Into the ocean of pain
Where angels get their wings
Where babies get their names
I wonder if you were aware
How much
You rock my boat"

14 September 2009


there is a car alarm going off on windsor street, it's been going about twenty minutes, its making me go little mental.... i guess thats the idea of alarms??? that you can't stand the noise so you have to do something about it, either fix it or run away.

this has got me thinking about alarms.

our fire alarm in our kitchen is positioned right above the oven - it goes off every time anyone cooks anything. pretty annoying.

today an alarm started going off when we were having a talk thing in our studio. it was very un-alarming though, not loud enough to actually cause 'alarm', presumably far enough away for us to subconciously know there is no immediate danger. i didn't feel alarmed, nobody really batted an eyelid.

my alarm on my phone that wakes me in the morning begins quietly, but gets louder with each ring, which makes the whole experience slightly more bearable. this morning i fell back asleep, i think with one eye still open, strangely. i don't think this is something i normally do?! i'm not even sure how i know, i was just aware of it.

my favourite alarm was one that lived in the living room of our old flat on shaftesbury road. joanne's brother brought it back from iraq i think, and it had pride of place on top of the telly. if you have never experienced the wonderous sound of one of these going off , you are missing out. its extremely loud, visually and in the noise way, and so brash and offensive but wonderful. this brilliant video demonstrates only the first verse of prayer, but you get the idea...

the car alarm has finally gone off, it was making me feel really on edge and angry, if it had gone on any longer, i may have done something un wise.

i doubt anyone wants to know my thoughts on alarms. but if you have read this far you must have some alarm stories to tell? or thoughts?