12 January 2010

fifty four

Some books, an ashtray, a digital clock time.

I'm feeling guilty about having not done a post since the nineteenth of November. Fifty-four days!

The festive season has been a nice rest. Much snow occurred. Ate much nice food and drank much nice wine. Excess of police-murder-investigation television dramas watched by the fire. This left little time for illustration. To be honest I have never felt less motivated to make art in all my life. The combination of a loss of self-confidence, lack of ideas and a bad grade at the end of last term has left me feeling like I really never want to pick up a pencil again. I have no work to show, I have done nothing since our exhibition and our print sale in December (both of which were very successful, I should have done a post about these long ago). So instead of any work: here are some photos of snowy scenes: the Beauly Firth and Culbin Forest.

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  1. i hope you're planning on giving me credit for the ashtray picture!!