05 October 2009

Nick White / Run Wrake

Today we had a visiting illustrator in the department, doing a talk. his name is Nick White. he came round and chatted to us fourth years about our work, and he suggested this short film by Run Wrake as being of interest to me for my personal study, relating to the visual language of children's spelling / alphabet books. The images are from Enid Blyton books (a childhood favourite of mine).

Also today myself and Sian have decided to go to Berlin
for the Illustrative festival grand opening night, on the 15th
of this month. I am extremely excited to go back to berlin,
i have fallen in love with the place i think. I am thinking of
maybe trying to arrange a visit to Wei├čensee, where i am
thinking i might like to do a Masters.

We are maybe going to stay in a hotel called Michelberger,
run by a bunch of creative types, for creative types.

The website is brilliant, really really worth a look (with the
volume turned up!)

oh, here is some of Nick White's work too. ps. He has quite an impressive beard.

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