25 October 2009

spring forward, fall back

It's been over a week since my last post - bad! Whether or not anybody actually reads my blog I'm not sure, but I'd like to think someone reads each post. Even if not, it's nice to write.

So the clocks went back last night, which meant a lovely extra hour in bed. I had such a good sleep last night - interrupted only by some strange dreams about getting ready for school, and road signs, giving instructions on directions to go in life (as opposed to on roads!)

It has been a really frustrating week in Uni. Although it's been reading week I've been in every day, either trying to find a distraction free place to do dissertation, or trying to finish this damn German Embassy brief. Basically the whole experience has really put me off lithography! Some of the mistakes have been my own fault (not very accurate measuring) but the whole process has been far more time consuming and frustrating than it should have been. The printmaking department is suffering from losing Ailsa in my opinion - Mark and Pete are always having to deal with screenprinting dilemmas aswell as etching and litho problems. In reality this means they are always trying to be in two places at once, and teach at least two people at once.

On a lighter note, the clock change has been accompanied by some Proper Autumn Weather. It's been really windy and rainy, I haven't left the flat all weekend. It's nice to listen to the weather battering the windows when you are cosied up in bed. And when I do venture out later today (to buy milk, and hopefully go and see Fantastic Mr Fox at the DCA!) I intend to get all wrapped up. This is the time of year for mittens and hats and soup and hot chocolate and kicking leaves and seeing your breath and rosy cheeks.

Oh, and with Halloween fast approaching, it's time to get costume making!!!

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  1. I read your blog! :D

    Getting all wrapped up for autumn/winter is my favourite thing!
    I didn't realise Ailsa had gone! Has she recently left? Lithography just didn't like me, neither did screen printing, and i kind of bullied photo intaglio into working for me!